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Date Excel House with Spa Garden - London Docklands


  • A transformative venture merging two neighboring properties into a premier wellness destination in London Docklands. With a focus on wellbeing and rejuvenation, our mission is to provide guests with an unparalleled experience that transcends mere accommodation. Explore our spa retreat, meticulously designed by our in-house team, offering 200sqm of living space and a sprawling 220 sqm garden (large for London!), complete with a revitalizing private spa. Delve into history as you discover the restored underground Anderson Shelter, transformed into an Instagram-worthy feature.


  • London Docklands. 

  • Walking distance to Prince Regent, Canning Town and Stratford tube stations, сonveniently situated within walking distance of Prince Regent, Canning Town, and Stratford tube stations, our property offers easy access to the bustling Excel Exhibition Centre which (in addition to being the place where Ivan and Olga met for the first time!), draws millions annually***, ensuring a steady flow of visitors to the area


  • Our mission is to curate a holistic guesthouse that fosters wellbeing and relaxation, catering to both general tourists visiting London and Excel Centre attendees seeking respite after a long day at an expo. More than just bedrooms, our guest rooms and garden spa are designed to embody our commitment to nurturing the mind, body, and soul, offering a sanctuary for rejuvenation and self-discovery.

  • With such as strategic location, it is no wonder why B&Bs in the area are thriving. We have personal experience of running one of these properties as an AirBNB. However, not all B&B’s are equal. Combining the strategic location with our unique offerings, we aim to establish this project as the premier guesthouse in this thriving locale. It is worth explaining that the excel centre is visited by open-minded people who seek a deeper experience of life; this is our target audience, for all of our ventures. Therefore, our concept, which is very currently relevant for people who sincerely value their wellbeing, and we understand that this project will be very successful.

  • The property includes an underground shelter built during World War II as a small, inexpensive shelter made of corrugated iron, designed to protect people from air raids by the Luftwaffe. Around 3.6 million of these shelters were installed in Britain during the war. They were named after John Anderson, the Home Secretary and Minister of Home Security at the start of the war. Part of the restoration will include a refurbishment of this shelter as an instagrammable feature because, of course, instagrammable

A Lucrative Proposition

  • Acquisition Cost: £900,000

  • Refurbishment Cost: £300,000 (including layout changes, connection of properties, Anderson Shelter restoration, and spa installation, fully designer-led and according to regulations)

  • Projected value when ready: £1,800,000

  • Profit in capital value: £600,000 (50% ROI)

  • Operational Profit: £90,000 per year.

  • Operational Profit + Capital Appreciation over 5 years: £1,050,000

  • ROI over 5 years: 87.5% (17.5% annualised)

​Tax benefits associated with this purchase are available and can be discussed further.

Transparency with our Intention

  • Proceeds from this sale will fuel the expansion of our global franchise network, furthering our mission to promote wellbeing worldwide.

Business Model

  • Our innovative business model integrates automated property management, e-commerce, digital marketing, and holistic wellness. Leveraging technology for keyless entry, eco-friendly features, and streamlined booking processes, we optimize efficiency and guest satisfaction. Setting up our own booking website in addition to the traditional and AirBNB platforms, will not only encourage repeat bookings through retention incentives, but also minimise commission rates and improve operational profits. Additionally, we provide marketing and creative support through our established brand. 

A Deal Like No Other

  • This exclusive offer, priced below market value, presents unmatched opportunities for growth and success. Secure your stake in our vision to enhance wellbeing and unlock human potential. Partnering with our dedicated team of architects and builders ensures cost-effective refurbishment and maximum value for investors.

  • This exclusive offer, priced below market value, presents an opportunity for being the best guesthouse in the local market. Whether seeking immediate returns or long-term development, this venture promises a path to success. Secure your place in our global mission to enhance wellbeing and peak human potential. We are also able to support with our own building team and dedicated team of architects to ensure cost-effective refurbishment and maximum value for investors.

Contact Us Today

  • Ready to secure your place in this lucrative investment opportunity in a Prime Location that we are also invested in? Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of Malta's premier urban oasis. Contact Ivan at or WhatsApp: +447552515481 / +35699740389.

*** The Excel Centre is one of the most popular venues for large international events in London visited by 4 million people every year for prestigious events including by Sadhguru, Tony Robbins, SiGMA Summits, Disney100, The Property Investor Show, Digital Healthcare Show, Solar & Storage Live London, SME XPO, HR Technologies UK,A Place in the Sun Live, Grand Designs Live, UK Construction Week, Concrete Expo, London Blockchain Conference, Banking Transformation Summit, Best of Nature Show, London Homebuilding & Renovating Show, Hotel & Resort Innovation Expo, London Climate Technology Show, and many more - check out this link for more information:

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