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Concept of our Spa Hotel Project

The projects we're sharing are all about extending the mission of Date Art Cafe. We want to create different ways for people to enjoy themselves through what we offer. These ventures promise a special experience that's unique, impactful, globally important, and good for business.

What we're offering isn't just a way to make money—it's also about making the world a better place.

The elements we're presenting below are the starting point for a hotel franchise that will operate worldwide. Our partners will play a key role in making this vision a reality.

Main Elements

Emotion of your choice

Imagine choosing a hotel not only to use a bed and bathroom, but to experience a state of Abundance, Love, Playfulness, Creativity, Freedom, Happiness, Passion...

Each room has a 5-senses approach to its design, to elicit the emotion of your choice.

Specific details in each thematic room include Layout, Furniture, Decor, Ambiance, Amenities, Technology, Room Service, Tailor-made Menu, Outdoor Space, Activities in-house and excursions, Specific Yoga Practices, Meditations, Sound Baths, Stones, and other personal touches, all aimed for you to experience the emotional state of your choice

Hotel with real therapeutic effect

We do not attempt to “treat” you from an illness. You understand that there are several levels of well-being, and we want to maximise our guests' level of wellbeing in a safe, immersive and professional way, using our experience as psychiatrist and theatre actress as well as through our beloved professional partners in yoga, psychology and alternative medicine.

The best spa in Maltaand the only real spa in the South of Malta

One of the connected buildings will serve as a much-needed SPA in the south of Malta, where peak experiences are amplified by exceptional amenities. It will also include Malta’s first Slavic Banya, Malta’s first Snow Room, and an opportunity to benefit from extreme temperature experiences (including the Wim Hof Method).


Each room and area is meticulously designed with soundproof flooring, walls, and doors, guaranteeing your experience remains intimate and reserved for your chosen company. Acknowledging the importance of this concern in Malta, we are dedicated to delivering a solution. Additionally, this ensures you receive a focused experience.


A place where you can pamper yourself with royal treatment amidst the timeless allure and ancient charm of meticulously restored heritage buildings, savoring the joy of the present moment.

Live Optimally

Draw upon evidence-based methods as well as our professional expertise in emotional expression, psychology, art, tantra and therapeutic yoga tailored to meet the unique demands of your one life. Take away concepts and practices that can seamlessly integrate into your life, and top up with additional experiences as needed.

Optimal venue

for events

The universal applicability of this hotel concept means that it provides a unique venue for your special life-moments and events, whether honeymoon, proposals, dates, retreats, and team events.

In addition to a large spa, it includes a 270 square metre rooftop for weddings and celebrations.

Join as a partner

Invest in one or more of our projects and become part of our mission to promote a lifestyle centered on embracing every moment as a gift to be cherished. Ownership entails stakes in properties, businesses, and the opportunity to operate within our innovative framework. The nature of investment, agreed returns and details will be open for discussion when you get in touch.

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